Monitor Arms Can Make You Change The Way You See Your Work

ErgoEdge Tip:  The “ergonomically” correct way to view your monitor is to position your monitor so that the top 1/3 of the screen is at eye level, while you are sitting upright in your chair (unless you wear bi-focals or tri-focals – see note below).

Here are a few benefits of using a monitor arm:

Collaborate More Effectively

Make it easy to share. 
It’s easier to collaborate when you and your coworkers can easily see the monitor.  No matter where you are sitting or standing, your monitor can flex to the best possible viewing position to make your meeting more productive – up, down, right, left, landscape or portrait.

Make Your Desk Space Really Work

Transform the dead space behind a flat panel monitor into useable space. 
With a monitor arm, you can move your monitor out of the way when you’re not using it.  Take back your desk space when reading, writing, and proofing hardcopy documents so you can work on the area directly in front of you, rather than off to the side.

Increase Visual Comfort Effortlessly

Be comfortable all day. 
We all have our own preferences for monitor placement and viewing angles depending on our height, vision issues, and lighting around our workspace.  Look for a monitor arm that provides adjustment so you can change the height, depth, and tilt angle according to your needs.

Accommodate a variety of visual abilities.
The increased use of bifocals means that more people will be seeing their monitors from a new angle.  Ergonomists recommend placing monitors at a lower height – sometimes touching the worksurface for people who use the bottom portion of their lenses.  Monitor arms can accommodate these needs, unlike a fixed monitor.

Adjust Multiple Monitors in a Flash

Rig your space.
Dual monitor arms make arranging your multiple flat panel monitors easy to adjust in a parabolic arc for a comfortable viewing angle. Tilt for glare-free viewing angles and rotate from portrait to landscape orientation as needed.

There are many flat panel monitor arm selections and configurations out there in the market to meet your workspace needs.  If you have any specific application questions, please give us a call.

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